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Maths Tutoring to International Baccalaureate May 2021

Tutoring Maths final IB

Failed in your Maths MOCK Exams? Want to be successful in IB test in May 2021? If so there is a little time to improve your Maths knowledges together!

Are you a student from ECP, PBS, PORG, RiverSide or other high school like these and need any help with your preparation to Maths final IB? It is not important what level you chose (Studies, Standard or Higher).

Let´s focus on the most important topics like differential calculus (optimalization problems, area of shaded region, volume of rotated curve or displacement-velocity-acceleration), vectors and functions. Or it is possible to go through all exam topics from both parts (with and without calculator) by the oficial syllabus.

I am a full time Maths Tutor and have prepared students to their IB more than five years. Lectures are individual and flexible.

Place of Maths Tutoring to IB

During weekdays, lessons are in the Prague center, at Anděl´s station in quiet cafe. The most common customers are university students, who study there. Lessons are always done from 8 am to 6 pm, according to the price list for English tutoring.

After the agreement, it is possible to have a meeting during the weekend or holidays, according to the price list for English tutoring for weekends and holidays. This tutoring is always taken place at a fast food restaurant, at Praha 4 - Lhotka.

The actual situation does not allow a present form of Maths Tutoring at mentioned places, take advantage of our on-line video Maths lessons by Skype to prepare to your GCSE or IB.

Price List of Math Tutoring to IB

length of 1 lessonprice 1 personprice 2 persons
60 minutes700 CZK1050 CZK
90 minutes1000 CZK1400 CZK
120 minutes1300 CZK1750 CZK
each next 30 minutes+300 CZK+350 CZK

How to Cancel Agreed Lesson

The agreed lesson is possible to cancel only by phone call 24 hours before at minimum from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on work days. If the lesson is cancelled later or not by phone call, it will be counted as a run over lesson and will have to be paid fully. This rule also works if a student will not come. In a case when a student cancel agreed lessons very often, the next cooperation will be impossible.

A similar rule works for me, I have to cancel your lesson 24 hours before if not, you will get a next lesson free.

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