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IB Maths Tutoring and IGCSE Maths Tutoring via Skype

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I am a Maths Tutor who has prepared students to their final Maths exams / IB Maths Studies / IB Maths Standard / IB Maths Higher / IGCSE Maths / GCSE Maths, for more than five years. Half of student attends lectures regularly once or twice every week during a school year, usually one or two years before their Maths examination. Others prefer a keen type of tutoring (more times a week), often half of a year or few months before their final Maths exam.

Preparation to Cambridge IGCSE / GCSE Mathematics

If you are a student at any foreign high school or any english college, you will choose a level of your IGCSE / GCSE Maths exam - Higher / Standard / Edexcel during your Year 11 (14 - 16 Year Olds).

It does not depend which of levels you are going to choose, you should improve your chances for better results by Maths Tutoring with a lector who has prepared students to their exams for more than five years.

Through the time there are lots of experiences with preparation students to their exams so the lector is able to share her tips directly to your exact test. The preparation to IGCSE Maths was attended by students eg. from The English College in Prague / ECP, Prague British International School / PBIS or Riverside School.

How do the IGCSE lessons work

During on-line video sessions are consulted the same type of examples which were used in past exams through last years. Lessons are founded from school syllabus, students books and exam past papers. Lessons are focused on complex Maths knowledges, logical working out and active exercising Mathematics topics.

Preparation to Cambridge IB Diploma Mathematics

After passing International General Certificate of Secondary Education there is two-years-long studying programme to International Baccalaureate Diploma or also Diploma Programme. The exam is held in Year 13 (16 - 19 Year Olds).

IB Maths Tutoring

In the offer of individual tuition is also IB Mathematics Tutoring as a preparation to this final Maths exam. During the lessons we use students books, own examples and we work with tasks from last years of exam (from official Past Papers). All sessions are maximally fitted to each student and lessons are optimized to improve needed knowledges contained in IB Mathematics Exam by deep exercising and logical understanding.

Previous Organization of IB Mathematics Exam

Till 2019 was IB exam from Mathematics divided into four levels;

  • IB Mathematical Standard Studies Level
  • IB Mathematics Standard Level
  • IB Mathematics Higher Level
  • IB Further Mathematics Higher Level

IB Maths Tutoring lector taught students to their first three levels - IB Maths Studies / IB Maths Standard and IB Maths Higher.

New Organization of IB Mathematics Exam

By the last information nowadays there is a transformation of final exams but this new form of it has not been used yet because all exams were cancelled (in years 2020 and 2021 because of Covid-19). Students got their final grades by their predicted school grades and Maths AI.

The new transformation of the final IB Maths Exam is going to become into the following parts:

  • SL Maths - Analysis and Approaches + Applications and Interpretation
  • HL Maths - Analysis and Approaches + Applications and Interpretation
IB Mathematics Tutoring Students´ Successes

In previous years, students who attended Maths in EnglishTuition were successful and most of them got about 35 - 40 points in their IB totally. The best student of our lectures who was prepared to IB Mathematics Higher Level got 42 points in total and studied Oxford University, now she is already successful graduate.

In past our IB Maths Course was attended by student from ECP, PBS / PBIS, Riverside School, PORG / New PORG. Graduates of the lessons are usually admitted to universities abroad eg. to Oxford (England), Warwick (England), Boswell (Netherlands) or to any university in Prague eg. Anglo-American University and so on.

Summer Maths tutoring via Skype

During the summer holiday 2021 all types of Maths Tutoring are going to be accomplished via Skype.

  • Length of one lesson is flexible: 45 mins / 60 mins / 90 mins or 120 mins.
  • Tutoring time is by your preferences.
  • Video lessons are held via Skype.

Summer Preparing to Maths Re-Examination in September 2021 before IB

Are you a high school student who need to prepare to your Maths Re-Examination in September 2021 because of your worse predicted grade to IB and want to improve Maths skills throu summer holiday? Let´s trying Maths Tutoring to IB together!

  • Lots of students have an opportunity to get a better predicted grade from Maths at the beginning of the last IB year of study. If there is a chance to get better grade why do not to make your knowledges better before the September 2021 Maths test?
  • A revision is aimed to the usual examinated topics like Trigonometrics, Functions, Differential Calculus, Equations, Vectors, Displacement-Velocity-Acceleration and so on by your needs.
  • Throu the lessons are used Students´ books, official IB PastPapers and other sheets.
Summer Maths Revision before IGCSE / GCSE Examination

Or are you a high school student who are going to revise your Maths knowledges before the IGCSE / GCSE because of getting the best final grade? Then the Summer Maths Tutoring to IGCSE / GCSE Examination is for you!

  • Summer holiday takes you enough time to revise all your past Maths knowledges.
  • During the summer, you are able to learn Maths topics which are not the best for you.
  • Throu the lessons are used Students´ books, official IGCSE / GCSE PastPapers and other sheets.
Summer Maths Tutoring to University

Or do you just want to prepare to your beginning of university studies and make your Maths knowledges of differential calculus and other topics deeper?

  • At the beginning of university, there is usually an entrance test to know if you are able to be successful in your studies.
  • The summer is a time when you can focus on your Maths gaps and going to be prepared to the first university exam.
  • A goal of lessons is set up by given syllabus from your university.

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